Why I am running for re-election

I ask for your vote on November 5th!

Newton is a city of many hearts and many aspirations.  

Newton is my home and I am proud to be a resident. It is the City where my husband and I have chosen to live since 1977. It is where we have raised our family and made our cherished friends. It is the City that has allowed our children to receive a world class education and to become independent, successful adults.

Newton is the City that has given me the opportunity to serve my fellow citizens and to have made a difference in this vibrant, diverse and caring place.

Councilor Vicki Danberg with her family

I am running for re-election as your Councilor at Large to be able to continue to contribute to its progress and to serve my neighbors as we work to make Newton the best City it can be.

I am proud of the contributions and changes I have had a part in creating so far:

  • Advocating for housing options for all in our City, especially multifamily near public transportation

  • Secure, long term financial planning for our City and schools

  • Improved pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures

  • Energizing and improving our Village centers

  • Bringing renewable and green energy solutions to our public buildings, including our library and schools

  • Banning Polystyrene products and plastic stir sticks to discourage use of non-biodegradable packaging that impacts our environment

Yet we have far to go and many challenges that need to be addressed as we move into the future. My priorities for an even better Newton are:

  • Environmental and Energy Conservation

  • Public Education and Safety

  • Improvement of our Village Centers

  • Adaptive re-use of our existing buildings where possible to maintain character while allowing for current needs

Let’s work together to make our already caring, vibrant, and beautiful City even better. I am running to serve – to continue to commit to improving the quality of life here for all of our residents, in all of our Villages.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.




Thank you to our endorsers! David Adams - John Ahern - David Albright - Margaret Albright - Cory Alperstein - Brenda Alpert - Jim Ammirato - Arthur Andersen - Karen Andres - Bruce Apotheker - Scott Aquilina - Risa Aronson - Jacob Auchincloss - R Baker - Ruth Balser - Hannah Banks – David Barbrow - Ann Barker - Elizabeth Barker - Townsend Barker - Peter Barrer - Lawrence Bauer - Martha Bauer - Diane Becker - Nina Berk - Beverly Bernson - Robert Bernson - Bernard Birnbaum - Marjorie Birnbaum - Ron Blau – Betsy Blazar - Carol Blazar - Dick Blazar - Sarah Bonaventur - William Bonaventur - Herb Brody – Dr. Haliasa Brown – Dr. Phillip Jan Vergragt - Robert Brown - Hendrika Browne - Paul Browne - Dieke Brown - Warren Brown - Fred Brustman - James Bryant - Stephen Buchbinder - Suzanne Bump - John Burke - Robert Burke - Ryan Caldwell - Ken Carpenter - Mary Carpenter - Robert Caruso - Anne Chalmers – Jose Chango - Bethel Charkoudia - Eva Chittenden - Allan Ciccone - Catherine Clement - Daniel Clifford - Rebecca Cohan - Aaron Cohen - David Cohen - Debra Cohen - Connie Conn - Deborah Coogan - Peter Coogan - Audrey Cooper - Marcia Cooper - Alison Corkery - Joseph Corkery - Jim Corrigan - James Cote - Cynthia Creem - Harvey Creem - John Crosby - Linda Crosby - Deborah Crossley - Thomas Crowley - Ruth Dain - William Dain - Victoria Danberg – Barbara Darnell - Georgiana D’Arienzo - Louis D’Arienzo - Barbara Darnell - Susan Davidoff - Eric Delgizzo - Douglas Dickson - Peter Dimond - Lucia Dolan - Andreae Downs - Jonathan Downs - Beverly Droz - Thomas Droz - Chuck Eisenberg - Diane Eisenberg - Robert Ellertsen - Victoria Falk - William Falk - Mark Feldman - Edith Fenton - Henry Finch - Mitchell Fischman – Igor Fishman - Leslie Fishman - Shawn Fitzgibbons - Robert Fitzpatrick - Robert Fizek - Susan Fliegel - Deborah Fogel - Angela Foley - George Fountas - Sophia Fountas - Jane Frantz - Richard Frantz - James Frosch - Karen Frostig - Carol Fulton - Leah Gassett - Elizabeth Gerlach - Edith Gheewalla - Leona Giovannini - James Glanville - Arthur Glasgow - Marian Glasgow - Barbara Glazerman - Michael Glazerman - Paul Glickman - Ellie Goldberg - Rachel Golden – Dr. Madelyn Gonnerman – Dr. Wayne Gonnerman - Melinda Gordon - Jerome Grafe - Groot Gregory - Stephen Grody - Theodore Gross - Rebecca Grossman - David Gullette - Margaret Gullette - Holly Gunner - Judi Haber - Carol Hausner - Peter Hausner - Candace Havens - Philip Herr - Anne Hess-Mahan - Ted Hess-Mahan - Susan Heyman - John Heywood - Marguerite Heywood - Leslie Hitch - Larissa Hordynsky - Sachiko Isihara - Daniel Jackson - Barbara John - Howard Johnson - Laura Johnson - Donnalyn Kahn - Jeffrey Kahn - David Kalis - Anne Kane - Cynthia Kane - Stephen Kane - Constance Kantar - William Kantar - Benjamin Kantor - Peter Karg - Andrea Kelley - Patty Kellogg - Matt Kelly - Kay Khan – Rev. 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Thank you to the Sierra Club for their 2019 endorsement!

"The Massachusetts Sierra Club is proud to endorse Victoria Danberg for re-election to Newton City Council. Victoria has been a passionate advocate for sustainability and accelerating the transition to 100% renewable energy. Sierra Club looks forward to continuing to work together to make Newton a leader in sustainability and environmental protection."

-Jordan Meehan, Chair of the Massachusetts Sierra Club's Political Committee.


Thank you to the Newton Teachers Association for their 2019 endorsement!

"Vicki Danberg has a broad and deep knowledge of city in general and specifically of the issues facing the Newton Public Schools. She has consistently been a strong supporter of what is in the best interest of the school system and of Newton educators, and has always stood in support of maintaining an excellent school system. She has a very positive relationship with our state representatives and state senator, an example of her ability to work collaboratively with those outside of the city council. Vicki has never and will not vote for any issue that is not negotiated with the unions.

The Newton Teachers Association wishes you the best in the upcoming election.”

Read complete endorsement here.


Thank you to the Massachusetts Womens’ Political Caucus Action Committee for their 2019 endorsement!

Dear Victoria Danberg,

The Massachusetts Womens’ Political Caucus Political Action Committee is pleased to inform you that the MWPC PAC is making a contribution of $100 to your campaign, included with this letter. In addition, The MWPC members will be informed of our support of your candidacy.

Read complete endorsement here.

Let’s get a fair contract for the teachers!

Jimmy Kingle stumps for the democratic Force Multiplier fundraiser at Vicki’s on July 30th

Steve Krugman gives some history of the organization

Campaigning at Farmers’ Market!

Newton Highlands Village Day w Mayor, Ruthanne Fuller.jpg

Newton Highlands Village Day with our great Mayor, Ruthanne Fuller.

Newton City Councilor Vicki Danberg and her husband pediatric dentist John Ficarelli serving with Project Stretch (Read more)

Thank you to all those who joined us at our announcement party!


Congratulations to the Suzuki School of Newton as they move into their new home in Waban Village Center!

Read more here!

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